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In June we will continue the weekly Sencha Café with MVP Stuart Ashworth, every Thursday, starting on the 9th of June from 10 am to 11 am GMT.

Sencha Café Topics in June:

June 9th - Planning your migration - Top Tips and Tricks

  • Join Sencha MVP, Stuart Ashworth, as he explores how to plan your source code migration from legacy versions of Sencha. This session will be packed with top tips for migrating faster, and smarter, and how you can deliver additional business value with Sencha 7.x
June 16th - Migration by Example

  • Discover how to unlock the value of your existing codebase on the latest browsers and devices with this hands-on source code migration session. A must watch for anyone on Sencha 6 or earlier.
June 23rd - Data Visualization - Part 1 

  • With more data than ever being collected, how we visualise that data is becoming more and more important. Sencha's data model provides fast, reliable structures that are powering leading big data systems.  In Part 1 we look at the data structures, how to set them up and get ready to visualise data.
June 30th - Data Visualization - Part 2

  • How we work with data once we can see it is critical to making a dashboard intuitive to use. In this session, we explore how to make visualised data interactive with Sencha, and how ExtJS web applications can rapidly provide interactive reporting.
After each session, we will have an open mic session again, for you to ask questions. Or you can also book a FREE private 1-2-1 session with Stuart afterward to discuss your project plans.
Please contact patricia.pena@sencha.com to book a private session with Stuart Ashworth
About our MVP

Stuart is a software consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur, specializing in helping software teams deliver projects for the web and mobile, through consultancy, development, and training.

This Sencha Café workshop will take place every Thursday in June. Stay tuned for the upcoming topics!

We look forward to meeting you there.

The Sencha Team